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Claire & Kyle’s Art Museum Wedding

Kyle and Claire had a bright, flower filled, two day wedding celebration at the Bakersfield Museum of Art in May 2013.  As a photographer who is in love with telling love stories, nothing could have been better than getting to tell Kyle and Claire’s love story for two whole days!  We had a great time photographing their goofy personalities and showing off our goofy personalities right back! (cuz how else do you make people laugh?!?!?)

Claire had flowers EVERYWHERE….which was my other favorite thing about their wedding.  I couldn’t get over the bright colors, they just attracted me, as you will see below….I kind of photographed the flowers a lot!

Check out Kyle and Claire’s wedding below:


Studio Fashion Shoot in Hollywood, California

I seriously LOVE studio light and sometimes I forget how much I love it.  A while back I purchased some modifying equipment for my flash (not strobes, but still) and I decided I wanted to play with them….cuz really, what else do you do when you get a new toy????  You play with it!!!  I called up my good friend Brooke and we just did a simple studio set up with my one light and her pretty face!  I enjoyed playing with black and white and doing some fun photoshoping to them…they turned out kind of fahsiony and that is my favorite part.  Check out what AMAZING photos I got of Brooke below.  She’s totally awesome.