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From Photographer to Bride

I woke up on August 1st and started getting ready for my three year anniversary celebration with Steven.  All I knew was that we were going wine tasting, the location was a surprise but I was excited to have good wine in my near future.  While scrolling through my Facebook news feed that morning, I noticed Steven had “liked” a ring store….. but I knew Steven wasn’t ready and I didn’t think he would propose on a big date like our anniversary or Christmas, so I ignored it.

We arrived at the first winery. Steven told me he planned for that one because we could have lunch there.  I recognized it right away. It was the very first place we had ever gone wine tasting before we had even started dating.  We did some wine tasting, walked around, then headed to the next stop.  As we pulled up to winery number two, that one was familiar as well..  “Babe, those are the boccie ball courts you played on!  Remember?  I still have pictures!”  Steven acted surprised and said it was recommended by a friend… sad thing is, I fell for it.

It was perfect weather for a walk around Baileyana Winery. Like always, I really wanted to get an anniversary picture of us.  Steven insisted I put my stuff down and told me he wanted a photo of me first. He put me into position and instead of pulling out his camera he got down on one  knee and pulled out a beautiful, sparkling ring!   Steven asked me to marry him.  I said “YES”!  There was cheering and hoots and hollers in the background from the boccie ball players and after a moment I saw Steven look up and wave. There was my second shooter and great friend, Elena and her husband Mike, taking photos and video of our special moment! The whole day was perfect. Best. Day. Ever.


Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 1

Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 2Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 3Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 4Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 5Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 6Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 7Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 8Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 9Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 10Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 11Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 12Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 13Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 14Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 15Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 16Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 17Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 19

Maternity Session in the Dry Riverbed

Butterfly kisses, flying airplanes and the tiny footsteps of little Jax surrounded this maternity and family session of Morgan and Johnny. During the morning shoot there was a beautiful sunrise light which simply added another rich layer of effect and acted as a platform for every  emotion to be captured in this dry riverbed shoot. The interactions of this family were nothing short of precious. The simplicity of the wardrobe allowed for the details of this session to be left to the subjects themselves. Organic neutral colors like cream, tan, white and denim blended with the environment and allowed the camera to be drawn to more important features like the eyes. Adding a pop of color like  the tiny gold shoes added variety and interest to the photograph as well as a little excitement about the tiny feet that would one day  not only fill those shoes but fill the next place in this beautiful family.

riverbedmaternitysession 1

riverbedmaternitysession 2riverbedmaternitysession 3riverbedmaternitysession 4riverbedmaternitysession 5riverbedmaternitysession 6riverbedmaternitysession 7riverbedmaternitysession 8riverbedmaternitysession 9riverbedmaternitysession 10riverbedmaternitysession 11riverbedmaternitysession 12riverbedmaternitysession 13riverbedmaternitysession 14

High School Seniors

There is a unique light that shines through the eyes of a senior student. It is the light of hope, ambition and excitement for the unknown journey that they are about to depart on.  It is a year filled with heartfelt celebrations from awards ceremonies, sports events, proms and more. Its a tight juxtaposition of joy and sorrow,  as students realize the friendships they’ve had and the lives they’ve known are about to change in a really huge way. Senior portraits are a unique opportunity for those to express their interests, personality and inner spirit and leave a little something behind  for mom and dad. As the new school year approaches we continue to wish our students well who have embarked on a new path, and who have entrusted ADPFOTO to preserve this milestone. For those students and families just approaching this time we are so excited to capture your students light through our lense and be a part of this journey.


highschoolsesniorscalifornia 1

highschoolsesniorscalifornia 2highschoolsesniorscalifornia 3highschoolsesniorscalifornia 4highschoolsesniorscalifornia 5highschoolsesniorscalifornia 6highschoolsesniorscalifornia 7highschoolsesniorscalifornia 8highschoolsesniorscalifornia 9highschoolsesniorscalifornia 10highschoolsesniorscalifornia 11highschoolsesniorscalifornia 12highschoolsesniorscalifornia 13highschoolsesniorscalifornia 14highschoolsesniorscalifornia 15

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