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Our Fave Film Engagement Sessions

When the locations right, when the clothes are styled well, and when we hear the click of our medium format camera we simply remember our favorite things and then we feel excitement. Here are a few of our favorite film engagement sessions from this past year. We start the blog with Shane and Alyssa. They chose Hart Park as the backdrop for their session. Although the backdrop was rural, the styling of their outfits was chic and contemporary. We love being able to mix nature with high fashion. Adding an adorable hat and a tulle skirt (by Bliss Tulle), is a great way to add visual interest to photographs and it creates an unexpectedness that our eyes love. Some other fun things to add to your engagement session are props that represent  you as a couple. Samantha and John  had a very elegant styling with his suit and her more formal cocktail dress. Once they threw in a football their true personalities came out and we see pure enjoyment and FUN.   Jade and Jake went ahead and brought along their guns for their almond orchard session since they met at a gun shop where Jade worked. In the central valley, agriculture often becomes a photo location, as was the case with Courtney and Craig.  After working in the Bees and Honey industry, it seemed fitting that Craig propose in an Almond orchard. Not only are the orchards beautiful when they bloom they are a great filter for light the entire year through.  Choosing a location out of town is another way you can make your session personal. Larger cities often have old architecture and off the beaten path nooks and crannies that can be found.  Kehau and Justin definitely hit the jackpot during their session in San Francisco, California at landmarks such as Sutro Baths, Legion of Honor and Palace of Fine Arts. Medium format photography is one of our most favorite things we love being able to add to your engagement session and to our art form. Film photography creates a sense of nostalgia. The colors are richer, and the textures are bold. Like I’ve said before I can’t help but love when that Medium format camera makes that “click”… definitely  music to my ears.


engagement photos_mediumformatfilm 1engagement photos_mediumformatfilm 2engagement photos_mediumformatfilm 3engagement photos_mediumformatfilm 4engagement photos_mediumformatfilm 5engagement photos_mediumformatfilm 6engagement photos_mediumformatfilm 7engagement photos_mediumformatfilm 8

From Photographer to Bride

I woke up on August 1st and started getting ready for my three year anniversary celebration with Steven.  All I knew was that we were going wine tasting, the location was a surprise but I was excited to have good wine in my near future.  While scrolling through my Facebook news feed that morning, I noticed Steven had “liked” a ring store….. but I knew Steven wasn’t ready and I didn’t think he would propose on a big date like our anniversary or Christmas, so I ignored it.

We arrived at the first winery. Steven told me he planned for that one because we could have lunch there.  I recognized it right away. It was the very first place we had ever gone wine tasting before we had even started dating.  We did some wine tasting, walked around, then headed to the next stop.  As we pulled up to winery number two, that one was familiar as well..  “Babe, those are the boccie ball courts you played on!  Remember?  I still have pictures!”  Steven acted surprised and said it was recommended by a friend… sad thing is, I fell for it.

It was perfect weather for a walk around Baileyana Winery. Like always, I really wanted to get an anniversary picture of us.  Steven insisted I put my stuff down and told me he wanted a photo of me first. He put me into position and instead of pulling out his camera he got down on one  knee and pulled out a beautiful, sparkling ring!   Steven asked me to marry him.  I said “YES”!  There was cheering and hoots and hollers in the background from the boccie ball players and after a moment I saw Steven look up and wave. There was my second shooter and great friend, Elena and her husband Mike, taking photos and video of our special moment! The whole day was perfect. Best. Day. Ever.


Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 1

Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 2Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 3Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 4Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 5Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 6Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 7Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 8Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 9Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 10Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 11Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 12Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 13Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 14Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 15Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 16Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 17Central Coast Vineyard Proposal 19

Ryan and Lily’s Barnes and Noble Engagement Session

Ryan and Lily met while working at Barnes and Noble so it made perfect sense to tell their engagement story there.  They got dressed up for their engagement session, choosing colors in the mint, white, cream, and navy families.  It was a perfect combination for each of their locations. We started the day in the dry river bed of the Kern River for some gorgeous natural light images before heading to the book store.  After some awesome photos at the front doors we headed in for story telling fun!  The Lord of the Rings was, of course, our go to book for ring detail shots and no engagement session in a Barnes and Noble could be complete without heading to the “wedding etiquette” section for some fun pics with The Knot’s wedding planning book!  The Starbucks Cafe was our final stop for a coffee and a cheers to the future bride and groom.  What an amazing day we had with them, we can’t wait for their I Dos!

barnesandnobleengagementsession 1barnesandnobleengagementsession 2barnesandnobleengagementsession 3barnesandnobleengagementsession 4barnesandnobleengagementsession 5barnesandnobleengagementsession 6barnesandnobleengagementsession 7barnesandnobleengagementsession 8barnesandnobleengagementsession 9barnesandnobleengagementsession 10barnesandnobleengagementsession 11barnesandnobleengagementsession 12barnesandnobleengagementsession 13barnesandnobleengagementsession 14barnesandnobleengagementsession 15barnesandnobleengagementsession 16barnesandnobleengagementsession 17barnesandnobleengagementsession 18barnesandnobleengagementsession 19barnesandnobleengagementsession 20


Shane and Alyssa’s Engagement Session

I love it when I get to shoot an engagement session on digital and film. Hart Park was a beautiful backdrop for Alyssa and Shane’s photos! I loved their outfit choices as well as their accessories and props!  They brought wine bottles and fun hats for us to play with and we had a ball. Their super fun wardrobe and props inspired us to include some engagement session what to wear tips along with their post.  You will find our favorite outfit tips and tricks at the bottom of this page.  Enjoy Alyssa and Shane’s adorable engagement session photos!


Alyssa and Shane Eng 1Alyssa and Shane Eng 2Alyssa and Shane Eng 3Alyssa and Shane Eng 4Alyssa and Shane Eng 5Alyssa and Shane Eng 6Alyssa and Shane Eng 7Alyssa and Shane Eng 8Alyssa and Shane Eng 9Alyssa and Shane Eng 10Alyssa and Shane Eng 11Alyssa and Shane Eng 12Alyssa and Shane Eng 13Alyssa and Shane Eng 14Alyssa and Shane Eng 15Alyssa and Shane Eng 16Alyssa and Shane Eng 17

  1. Colors

Soft, ethereal colors are our favorite. Blush, gold, cream, tan, and white look beautiful against any backdrop and in any light. Try to stay away from harsh neons and attention-grabbing hues.

When going dark, pick navy or dark gray over true black. Black often results in a harsh look, while a black-adjacent color will soften the photos and bring the focus back to where it belongs – your face!

Remember that you don’t have to match your partner – just find a color palette that works together. If you need inspiration, check out my Pinterest board for engagement sessions.


  1. Prints

When you are choosing an outfit, solid colors are your best bet. Avoid busy, loud or graphic prints and plaids. If you must have a print, go for something subtle, soft and natural in color. Also, remember to avoid anything with words and prominent logos.

If you are looking for variation, fabric choice can often provide visual interest without taking away from the subject. Trying a mix of fabrics like tulle, silk, denim, wool, and even raingear can create an interesting pattern effect. Find a skirt like Alyssa’s at Blisse Tulle.


  1. Accessories

Accessories are a great place to show off your personality. For guys, we love ties and fun socks, vests, and watches. Boat shoes and boots are fun alternatives to traditional dress shoes, and we love it when the guys bring their cowboy hats. For girls, we like everything from fun jewelry to headbands, hats and scarves. Wedges or heels can dress up a more casual look.


  1. Styling

Don’t be afraid to dress up! Guys, we love a tailored suit look. A great suit will not only add layers, but they flatter all body types. If you are looking for a more casual feel, try a button down with the sleeves pushed up, a nice pair of jeans and some boat shoes. Avoid items like tshirts, as they tend to look flat on camera.
For girls, don’t be afraid to get styled up – we are currently loving the 60’s midi skirt trend with fun heels!


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Craig and Courtney’s Almond Orchard Engagement

Spring is my favorite time of year. The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and love is in the air! When my good friend Craig approached me about surprising his girlfriend Courtney with a proposal in the almond blooms, I couldn’t wait to document their special day. Craig told Courtney that we were taking some family pictures of the two of them and their son Carson. After we had taken a few of the whole family, I suggested we take a few pictures of the two of them. When they turned to face each other after a walking shot, Craig grabbed Courtney’s hands, dropped to his knee, and proposed! They popped a bottle of champagne and we all celebrated and took photos of the happy couple and the beautiful ring while Carson played in the orchard. I am so happy for Craig and Courtney and CAN NOT WAIT to celebrate with them at their wedding!


Craig and Courtney-1Craig and Courtney-2Craig and Courtney-3Craig and Courtney-4Craig and Courtney-5Craig and Courtney-6Craig and Courtney-7Craig and Courtney-8Craig and Courtney-9Craig and Courtney-10

Samantha and John’s Hart Park Engagement Session

Samantha and John celebrated their engagement with a beautiful photo shoot at Hart Park. I love it when couples dress up, and John and Samantha came dressed to the nines! Samantha wore a little black dress and John wore a dapper suit and a vest. They are a fun couple, and we had a great time taking pictures of them by the river. They even brought a football to copy the pose of their cake topper! I used film for part of this shoot, and I love the way it turned out. I have always thought that film just captures something that ordinary photos can’t – whether it is the light or the mood, it makes you feel as though you are right there. This was a magical day, and I can’t wait for Samantha and John’s wedding.


Samantha and John Eng-1Samantha and John Eng-2Samantha and John Eng-3Samantha and John Eng-4Samantha and John Eng-5Samantha and John Eng-6

Samantha and John Eng-9Samantha and John Eng-8

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