Samantha and John celebrated their engagement with a beautiful photo shoot at Hart Park. I love it when couples dress up, and John and Samantha came dressed to the nines! Samantha wore a little black dress and John wore a dapper suit and a vest. They are a fun couple, and we had a great time taking pictures of them by the river. They even brought a football to copy the pose of their cake topper! I used film for part of this shoot, and I love the way it turned out. I have always thought that film just captures something that ordinary photos can’t – whether it is the light or the mood, it makes you feel as though you are right there. This was a magical day, and I can’t wait for Samantha and John’s wedding.


Samantha and John Eng-1Samantha and John Eng-2Samantha and John Eng-3Samantha and John Eng-4Samantha and John Eng-5Samantha and John Eng-6

Samantha and John Eng-9Samantha and John Eng-8