Spring is my favorite time of year. The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and love is in the air! When my good friend Craig approached me about surprising his girlfriend Courtney with a proposal in the almond blooms, I couldn’t wait to document their special day. Craig told Courtney that we were taking some family pictures of the two of them and their son Carson. After we had taken a few of the whole family, I suggested we take a few pictures of the two of them. When they turned to face each other after a walking shot, Craig grabbed Courtney’s hands, dropped to his knee, and proposed! They popped a bottle of champagne and we all celebrated and took photos of the happy couple and the beautiful ring while Carson played in the orchard. I am so happy for Craig and Courtney and CAN NOT WAIT to celebrate with them at their wedding!


Craig and Courtney-1Craig and Courtney-2Craig and Courtney-3Craig and Courtney-4Craig and Courtney-5Craig and Courtney-6Craig and Courtney-7Craig and Courtney-8Craig and Courtney-9Craig and Courtney-10