Eric and Alex are good friends of mine and my husband.  I was super excited to find out that Alex wanted to do maternity photos with the SNOW! (my all time favorite!)  We traveled about an hour to find some winter wonderland goodness.  It was freezing but the images we got were SO worth it.  There is just something about snow that makes everything perfect.

Eric and Alex had two outfits, my favorite being the blush colored maternity gown that Alex picked out.  It was the perfect color against the snow, with her blonde hair and fair skin!  Of course, I shot film of the entire session.  I couldn’t get enough of Eric and Alex and all of their adorableness.  We had a great time together.

At one point during the shoot, there was a moment where I was standing a bit far off, watching through my lens for the shot, and when I clicked the shutter, I realized I had captured magic.  Everything came toghter, the light, the scenery, the love…it was so beautiful to see.

We ended up finding two locations for our session so that we could get in some evergreen tree goodness but the second one was soooooo windy.  (I guess that makes sense since we were close to windmills in Tehachapi!)  Alex was freezing, so we did the second half of the shoot in like 15 min!  Way to go you guys for braving the cold (told you it would be worth it).

Can’t wait to meet your little bundle of girly joy!  (Let’s take her to Disneyland like RIGHT away!)

Man and pregnant wife holding hands

Husband kissing his wife's pregnant belly

Pregnant couple standing in the snow

Husband kissing his wife's forehead

Man and woman standing in the snow holding hands

Pregnant lady standing in the snow in a pink dress

Pregnant woman in pink dress standing outside

Beautiful blond pregnant woman standing in the snow

Married couple taking portraits in the snow

Maternity portraits of a woman in the snow