I think I have been living in a whirl wind since the beginning of December.  I never thought my winter months would be so busy!  This Christmas/New Year season has been filled with vacations to Vegas and Oregon, a New Years trip to Pismo, a wedding, three birthdays, a trip to San Diego, an under water engagement session, a trip to Santa Barbara, and coming up….a BRIDAL SHOW!  At the beginning of December, I expected my life would calm down after the wedding, but I was wrong.  It’s a blessing really….but I’m really excited for a day in the future when I can just relax.

My life, and office, seem to be in chaos.  Hurricane Ashley has blown her way through in preparation for tomorrow’s under water engagement session, Friday’s visit to Santa Barbara to help my former teacher with a class, Sunday’s family shoot at Alisal Ranch (in Solvang), a model shoot that involves coordinating many people for next Thursday, and an upcoming bridal show on January 27th!  Yup, that’s right, I’m doing all of this in the next two weeks!  I’m so excited that my head seems to be spinning and is in ten different places right now bombtechgolf.com…..I really don’t know what else to say, except that I promised some pics from Justin and Allie’s wedding. (yay for instagram)

ALSO, come see me at the Kern County Bridal Association’s Bridal Show on January 27th at the Kern County Fair Grounds!!!!

We had a BLAST at the wedding…..posing for pictures, doing a choreographed bridesmaids dance, drinking shots, and dancing the night away to the music that rocked my prom in 2005!!! (Yes, that’s right…..we went old school…kinda)

Below are my awesome phone pics….

Allie and all of her girls!


Me and Cecilia before the wedding!


me and the lovely bride making lovely faces while waiting for the wedding to start. (it’s our thing)


she’s so pretty


the church.


Congrats again Allie and Justin! 🙂  We all love you!