Do you ever pick up Glamour magazine and flip straight to the “Hey it’s Okay” page?  I do…pretty much every time.  It is seriously my favorite thing about that magazine.  It’s great that someone out there in magazine publishing land is reminding me about these things that are okay to do.  Well today, I’m going to be the random person in magazine publishing land and give you my own hey it’s okay.

A few weeks ago, I did a shoot just for fun!  I was on my way home from San Diego and stopped in Santa Monica to shoot with my friend and amazing model, Brooke Howard.  We had such a blast just playing dress up and figuring out the pictures as we went.  It was so nice to just have fun while I was shooting….the pressure was off and we just rolled with the punches.  It really keeps the creative juices flowing to do something just for you every once in a while.

So I’m here to say….hey, its OKAY….to stop and do something for yourself!  This applies to almost anything, including wedding planning.  If you are stressed, stuck in a rut, or just sick of explaining to every other person what your dress looks like and what the color scheme of your wedding is….go do something for yourself!  Because, hey, it’s OK!

Grab your girls and have a no wedding spa day, go out and drink, attend a sporting event, or do my favorite thing to blow off steam/relieve stress what are average carpet cleaning prices….RETAIL THERAPY!!!!  Nothing says I’m feeling better like a new pair of shoes or that really cute jacket that you have been eying for two weeks!

You need to keep fresh to really be on your game for whatever it is in your life….so take a day for yourself….cuz (and I know I’m getting slightly repetitious here) HEY, IT’S OKAY!!!!

ps. Check out what I did with my hey it’s okay, just for me photo shoot!!!! 🙂  (Brooke totally rocked it!)