When Jade and Jake called me to schedule a portrait session this spring, Jade had no idea that Jake had a much bigger plan for their photo session.  Jake and I worked together to pull the ultimate surprise on her…..a proposal in the almond blooms!!!!  We arrived out at the orchards with Josh from Evermoore films (Jade thought he was there to do a promo piece for me!), he put microphones on me and Jake and we got rolling.  About half way into the shoot Jake put the final steps of the plan into motion, got down on one knee, and proposed with the ring in a golden snitch! Why you ask?…because Jade is the catch and Jake is the keeper!  It was so amazing to be able to capture the very beginnings of their love story!  Congratulations Jake and Jade!


Jake and Jade-1Jake and Jade-2Jake and Jade-3Jake and Jade-4Jake and Jade-5Jake and Jade-6Jake and Jade-7Jake and Jade-8Jake and Jade-9Jake and Jade-10Jake and Jade-11

Wanna see the video version?!?!?  Check out the film by Evermore below!