It was a beautiful sunny day in the orange groves when we photographed Meghan and Andy’s engagement session.

They had two outfits, one casual, one dressy.  We all loved both outfit choices but I particularity loved the color scheme of the casual outfits. The dark red and white really meshed well together and contrasted the cool greens of the orange grove, making Meghan and Andy stand out that much more.

Their session was photographed on film, as it was really the perfect day for it.

They were able to bring their dog to the engagement session – what a cutie pie he was!  I couldn’t get over his adorableness and had a great time taking pictures of their fur baby. He was really well behaved too and enjoyed his day thoroughly in the orange grove.

Meghan and Andy were so cute, I especially love both of their laughing faces. I was lucky enough to catch a bunch of those on camera too!

romantic outdoor engagement portraits

husband to be kissing his fiance

engaged couple holding hands

bride to be holding her fiance's arm

Engagement ring portraits

woman standing outside in a blue dress

engagement portraits taken with a dog

Engagement portraits taken in Orange Grove, California

Bride to be holding her fiance's arm

Engagement portraits taken in California

bride to be kissing her fiance

engaged couple sitting on the ground

a man dipping his fiance and kissing her

engaged couple posing for an outdoor portrait

Bride to be hugging her fiance

Engagement session in Orange Grove, California

engaged couple kissing in an orchard

portrait of engagement rings

Man and woman walking with their dog

Engaged couple hugging

Engaged couple sitting outside talking

engaged couple kissing in orange grove, california

engagement portraits showing off the engagement ring

individual portraits of an engaged couple


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