Michelle and Larry took me adventuring with them in Yosemite National Park! We spent the day wandering around and even climbed a hiking trail, which was something I was not ready for because I was wearing boots – and not hiking boots! (lol oops!) It paid off though because we got to shoot at a waterfall that Michelle and Larry really loved.

Luckily though I had Steven (my then fiancee, now husband) with me, who was wonderful enough to carry all of my gear. I’m so glad we did it though because it resulted in one of my most favorite images I’ve shot to date – the one of Michelle kicking up her foot while they stand together under the umbrella.

Some of my other favorite shots from the session are of Michelle in her gorgeous green dress standing in front of the creek. The way the light came through the trees and lit the scene was so magical! It was a total Disney-esque moment!

Michelle and Larry were so much fun to photograph and hang out with for the day too.  So much so that we ended up shooting with them for a bit longer than normal and had to drive home in the dark, but it was totally worth it considering how much fun it was and how many gorgeous shots I got of the two of them!

We had such a great adventure of a day with Michelle and Larry and I would gladly do it again!!!

Black and white portrait of a man and a woman

A couple standing by a waterfall

Yosemite engagement portraits

Man and woman standing by a creek

Engaged couple kissing

Engaged couple hugging

Groom to be sitting outside

Outdoor engagement portraits

Engaged couple standing on a bridge

A woman holding a bouquet of flowers

A couple strolling along a bridge

Yosemite National Park Engagement Portrait

Engaged couple standing together

Yosemite Engagement Portraits

Outdoor engagement portraits in California

Man and woman standing by a waterfall

Man and woman sitting outside

A couple standing together outside

A couple walking down a gravel road

Engaged couple standing by a tree

A couple sitting outside on some rocks

Outdoorsy engagement portraits

A woman's engagement ring


If you have an adventurous idea for an engagement shoot, let me know! I’m always up for a little excitement and would love to capture an adventure day for you. Get in touch with me so we can start planning now!