Tia and I have been friends since high school. Tia and her husband are “As You Grow” clients, meaning I’ve been photographing sweet Cameron since he was in Tia’s belly. Tia refers to me as Cam’s “Auntie” and of course he is one of my favorite little “nephews”!

As You Grow sessions are an amazing way to document the first years of your child’s life, allowing you to see how quickly they grow and change. Freezing the moments in time of how little they were.

Cam’s one year photos were done in the almond orchards and we were pretty close to being rained out! Luckily, we founds the most perfect orchard…it looked exactly like snow!  In Cameron’s photos, we shot him in a chair with blue balloons and included one of his newborn pictures. We also got shots of him chilling on a blanket in the middle of the orchard having a grand old time…Tia and I MIGHT have been making hilarious monkey noises to get him to laugh (it worked!).

Cam’s little smiling face just gets me every time.

Naturally we also did some family photos, capturing mom and dad with Cam and then the whole gang together in the almond trees.  The family was adorned in shades of blue, cream, and denim for the almond session…and the colors could not have been more perfect! Blues are always some of my favorite colors to photograph.

I cannot wait to watch my little “nephew” continue to grow into a little man and capture all of his adorable smiles through the years.

almond session portraits 1

almond session portraits 2

almond session portraits 3

almond session portraits 4

almond session portraits 5

almond session portraits 6

almond session portraits 7 almond session portraits 8