We turned the corner of a downtown Bakersfield street and there it was, a little old building with green ivy cascading up the creamy white vintage brick walls and old windows reminiscent of days gone by. We said, “ this is it, no need to go any further”. We love finding new places that are literally just under our noses that we have probably driven by every day. The location was perfect for the Mojibi family. The Mojibi’s chose a neutral color palette of creams and blush with a pop of denim and details in a bohemian but classic vibe. Choosing the right color scheme can truly add to the portrait session as it did for Amanda and her family.As the three children played down the tree lined streets, we clicked away on the cameras and were able to capture such a natural state of all three of them. If a photo is worth a thousand words, than the Mojibi portraits say it all… FAMILY.


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