There is a unique light that shines through the eyes of a senior student. It is the light of hope, ambition and excitement for the unknown journey that they are about to depart on.  It is a year filled with heartfelt celebrations from awards ceremonies, sports events, proms and more. Its a tight juxtaposition of joy and sorrow,  as students realize the friendships they’ve had and the lives they’ve known are about to change in a really huge way. Senior portraits are a unique opportunity for those to express their interests, personality and inner spirit and leave a little something behind  for mom and dad. As the new school year approaches we continue to wish our students well who have embarked on a new path, and who have entrusted ADPFOTO to preserve this milestone. For those students and families just approaching this time we are so excited to capture your students light through our lense and be a part of this journey.


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