Ethereal yet desaturated was the mood for this underwater shoot featuring Erica Morgan as our model. There is something spectacular that is captured in an underwater shoot, something magical and mysterious. In the water there is a natural resistance that is felt between the subject  and the water. As the model or subject is forcing their body down, nature is forcing them back up. When a subject/model can become one with the environment is when beauty is truly captured. Makeup artist, Erica George created a distinct look for our model with a bold red lip against nude skin and tousled dark hair and the  contrast was striking underwater. The photographic team puts in numerous hours to prepare for the day.
Usually consisting of a team of at least three people, there is much that goes into preparing for this type of shoot. The pool is prepped the day before with careful attention to the details of the lighting in order to ensure zero light leaks through the protective barrier.  Each shot is extremely valuable as it takes so much time to set up and limited amount of daylight to shoot. Special props are used and placed for the models, models are prepped on how to move in the water with heavy fabric or clothing. Much of the  team spends the actual shoot day attempting to bring the artist’s vision to life. What starts out as a gorgeous model or the neighbor next door in a standard swimming pool becomes artistry at its finest.


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Makeup: Erica George

Model: Erica Morgan