This one is my art…..

I saved up for over a year to afford my first underwater housing. I worked a retail job I hated. I knew underwater photography was something I had to experience, something I had to get my hands into, something I HAD to create. And so it begins… This time a ten feet deep swimming pool was tarped at the top for this underwater styled shoot. The models were scuba certified and their training allowed them to feel very at ease underwater and be able to commit themselves to movements that would cause them to stay under for periods of time. A weighted vest kept me, underwater while the models danced through our underwater world.

The definition of art  is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. This embodies what my underwater photography becomes. Emotion evoked. Models, Savannah and Lauren embraced our creativity when they agreed to shoot with us. As they embraced the dance like movements underwater we could see what was once imagined come to life. The white dresses worn give way to an ethereal beauty as a mysterious world is traveled to underwater. The vintage wing foot bathtub prop created an odd balance adding complexity to the art piece. Anything with vintage flair adds to my style of romance meets modern contemporary. It’s safe to say, this one, underwater photography is my art.

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