Have you ever taken a drink of an ice cold glass of water and thought to yourself that that would be a great water temperature to swim in?  Neither have I….but last week, Quinn and I braved the freezing cold water of my swimming pool for his senior photos.  I loved that Quinn was looking for a unique senior portrait experience and was very happy to be the photographer in this scenario!  Who doesn’t love the chance to be creative? (Don’t worry, we also got some on land before we went swimming)

Check out images from Quinn’s senior portrait session below! 🙂


It’s not often that I get images of myself working.  Thanks to my amazing friend/second shooter, Lindsay Long, there are a few behind the scenes photos to share with all of you.  I am pretty sure that we both realized how crazy we were about ten seconds after we got in the water….


We might be crazy people….but we got some crazy fun images!!!


Attention all seniors.  Don’t let Quinn be the only one from the class of 2013 to take unique and fun senior portraits!  Call me today….let’s have some fun! 🙂